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Jaxyn Lethe is an Indie Electronic Artist from Baltimore, MD. Her sound is inspired by 80s new wave, 80s pop, and shoe gaze.

What Do You Do With No One? Jaxyn’s debut single, released November 1st, 2022, marked Jaxyn’s explosive entry onto the indie scene, establishing fanbases in Baltimore, MD, Brooklyn, NY and the Berklee College Community.

So Much Cooler, Jaxyn’s second single released on January 2nd, 2023. Featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Indie playlist, this single scored 20,000 streams in just 2 months, leaving her fans wanting more.

Now teamed with an amazing group of musicians, Jaxyn Lethe is leaving an undeniable imprint on the live music scene.

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It was Just a Dream Music Video

This is Jaxyn Lethe telling the story of a dream she had the night before. Is she still dreaming?

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Live Performances

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It's so effortlessly dreamy and with enough synth, and moments to give it a high-glossed sheen, this is a very strong debut outing for what sounds like to be a rising star on the American dream-pop scene, we can't wait for more!

“What Do You Do With No One?” is an emotively captivating piece of songwriting from Jaxyn Lethe.

Raw, vulnerable, and filled with relaxing rhythms, we’re loving everything about Jaxyn Lethe’s second official single, So Much Cooler.

Quickly enticing you with glimmers of dream pop, confidently led by her silky smooth and expressive vocals. This was our introduction to the artist, but we’re already hoping for a follow up as soon as possible.

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It is clearly evident that we have a very special and talented artist here. A savant.

While this single is her first hitting the blogosphere and playlists, this is not the first time Lethe has produced music. Self-producing original singles for at least three years before this release, Lethe knows what she is doing –

"So Much Cooler", the new single from Boston-based artist, Jaxyn Lethe, is a soothing new tune that features melodic vocal flows over a poppy and well-produced instrumental.

‘So Much Cooler’ is the latest release to come from Jaxyn Lethe and is a relaxing Pop track that is sure to bring nothing but chill energy to your morning today. The song starts off with ambient pads and a smooth percussion line that quickly welcomes in Jaxyn’s lovely and nostalgia-packed vocals that send listeners into a dream-like state as the instrumentation and vocals create a wonderland of sonic bliss.

What really shines is Jaxyn’s rich writing style and for that, she has our full attention and will in the future.

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