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Jaxyn Lethe is a born musician, composing, singing, and playing since before she could speak. Her formal training began at the age of three at South Street Music Settlement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. After one lesson, her talent was discovered. She started formal training at the Lucy Moses School and completed elementary school at the Special Music School of America.

By the age of seven, Jaxyn’s classical music repertoire demanded a rigorous practice schedule of practicing from two and a half to four hours a day. At age eight she participated in the New Jersey Young Artist Competition, and won first place in her division. This afforded her the opportunity to play Carnegie Hall.

In addition to her passion for Classical music, her fascination with contemporary rhythms led to her deep interest in Blues music.  2009 landed Jaxyn in Chicago. Shifting her focus from Classical to Blues piano, Jaxyn studied with Erwin Helfer and started playing Blues clubs around Chicago. Her newfound blues skills and environment allowed her to play with some of the greatest Blues inspirations of our time, Barrelhouse Chuck, Fernando Jones, as well as the young star Brandon “Taz” Niederaer. Through the Fernando Jones Blues Camp, she was also featured in its PBS documentary.

In adolescent years, Jaxyn attended Baltimore School for the Arts and the Peabody Preparatory School. At BSA she studied under Allen Good, participated in numerous school fundraisers, starred in ads for the school, and scored the 2020 short film, The Art of Time. While studying at BSA and Peabody, she also won first place in the Rondo Young Artist Competition in 2020, and performed at Carnegie Hall for a second time. At the Peabody Preparatory School, she studied Composition with Judah Adashi, received the Achievement Award in Composition in 2021 and the Louis Cheslock Prize in 2022

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Jaxyn found a new passion: writing and producing her own songs. During her time in isolation she wrote and produced over 40 songs, and familiarized herself with sound design for synthesizers and Logic Pro X. Her sound is inspired by 80s new wave, 80s pop, and shoe gaze.

What Do You Do With No One? Jaxyn’s debut single, released November 1st, 2022, marked Jaxyn’s explosive entry onto the indie scene, establishing fanbases in Baltimore, MD, Brooklyn, NY and the Berklee College Community.

So Much Cooler, Jaxyn’s second single released on January 2nd, 2023. Featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Indie playlist, this single scored 20,000 streams in just 2 months, leaving her fans wanting more.

Now teamed with an amazing group of musicians, Jaxyn Lethe is leaving an undeniable imprint on the live music scene.

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